January 10th, 2019

3 hrs 15 mins 19 secs

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(This episode is rated NEUTRAL BRIGHT for some light cussing.)

Within the Queen’s Home, burroughs, collectives, territories and neighborhoods often have trade and political disputes, just as any other city or country. They are culturally vibrant, different in trade and tradition, and clash almost daily. Today we find our heroes in Copper’s Bend, is a young district. A recent influx in cash has seen one family rise to power in a fashion unseen in many years. All was going well until the Patriarch died unexpectedly, leaving his daughter as the district’s defacto driver. She is smart, capable, and willing, though others conspire to stop her. She is five days away from her coronation, and someone has stolen the family ritual cloak. She cannot ascend to her family seat without it.

Dungeon Master: Chase Greenlee of Another Path
Nycenan Dolorin (Wood Elf Rogue): Renee Rhodes of Fate & The Fablemaidens
Seth De’Mont (Dragonborn Paladin): Showgun of Welcome to the Party
Helena Katrakathis, Fourth Duchess of Calamity (Drow Warlock): Vin LaBate of The Chimera

Title: Good Ideas, Poorly Executed
Artist: Steve Combs
Album: Etaoin Shrdlu

Title: A Ghra
Artist: Damiano Baldoni
Album: Lost Dynasty

Title: Non-Place 1 of 64
Artist: Bisou de l’enfant sauvage
Album: Unfollow Your Dreams, Fall In Love

Title: Welcome to the Machine
Artist: Komiku
Album: Tales on the Late