Dieties & Demigods: The Aresian Panoply

The Aresian Panoply

A very old religion, the Aresian Panoply is largely out of favor in Amaranthine, though many households still have shrines to one god or another, out of habit, tradition, or superstition. The divinities of the Panoply are quite small in scale compared to the kind of gods who sink cities, raise continents, or rewrite reality to suit their whims--they tend to have highly specific, idiosyncratic portfolios, and oversee them with subtlety.

Most members of the Panoply (who, according to one scholarly inventory, number over a thousand) were once mortal, though they transcended into divinity centuries or even millennia ago. Unlike the more impressive beings who populate the higher (and lower) planes, they tend to reside in small, individual realms just outside the mortal sphere (considered by planar scholars to be “pocket dimensions”).