Language: Avlish


Sometimes called “Elvish”, the geographic origins of the Avlish language are unclear, and attempts to trace the path of its spread always somehow lead in circles. Every Elven community seems to have its own dialect, with its own particular accents and idioms, but charting their evolution frequently drives etymologists to madness. The language seems to adapt to its setting in an almost conscious way, taking on tones and terms that reflect both lifestyle and landscape over the course of even a few months—indeed, groups of travelers will sometimes return home to find their verbiage significantly different from that of the families and neighbors they grew up alongside.
Though Avlish speakers can generally understand each other, some dialects can be quite opaque, and may require skill checks to avoid misunderstanding.
The dialect spoken in Amaranthine is called Her Majesty’s Avlish, and is characterized by its light, clipped tones and rich body of idioms relating to death and undeath. There are, of course, hundreds if not thousands of subtly-differing sub-dialects found throughout the city, and a keen-eared scholar can discern a speaker’s place of birth and current residence to within a city block.

Alphabet: Avlish