Dieties & Demigods: The Pile

The Pile

Once the land flourished with a wide variety of deities, saints, and demons. Hundreds of smaller celestial and infernal beings, each with their own practices and followings, worked their wills upon the world.

Then Her Grace came.

While worship of the gods was never explicitly outlawed, outside of a few major faiths most have faded away in the face of Her Eminence. The rest fell from their own grace--not just below but between. Amidst the city proper and The Underdark are the people and things that civilized folk would rather forget, and it is here that those discarded deities have found refuge in the refuse.

The Pile is the single name for the rat-king Pantheon of gods forgotten in time’s passage. There is no single way to worship, alignments vary wildly as there is always someone listening that is willing to help (though the most powerful fall within a neutral sphere), and their goals vary widely from practitioner to practitioner. Some say The Pile wishes to return to surface prominence. Others are SURE that they want to overthrow Her glory. Most believe The Pile’s cacophony of voices makes it too unstable to have a real goal, leaving it a source of power or comfort only to those desperate enough to seek it out.