Love & Thunder, pt. 1


February 13th, 2019

1 hr 47 mins 29 secs

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(This episode is rated TRUE NEUTRAL for some strong language and intense combat.)

Remy Dreamshout is a bard in love. But when he and his friends--two plane-touched sisters and a dark elf with a disturbingly green thumb--head into a rich neighborhood to try and impress his girlfriend's dad at a fancy party, they find that it's not so easy to put your history behind you.

Dungeon Master: Showgun of Welcome to the Party
Remy Dreamshout (Dragonborn Bard): Kyle Bruenning of Magic Folk
Rilrae Mylyl, Mycologist of the House of Midnight (Drow Druid): Waffles of Mouse Guardians and Iron Hides
Foxglove Grey (Tiefling Artificer): Kacey Smith of The Chimera
Juniper Grey (Aasimar Artificer): Vin LaBate of The Chimera

Title: Good Ideas, Poorly Executed
Artist: Steve Combs
Album: Etaoin Shrdlu

Title: Balkan Gypsy Party
Artist: John Bartmann
Album: Public Domain Soundtrack Music: Album One

Title: Opening
Artist: Komiku
Album: It's time for adventure ! vol 4

Title: What a Time to Want to Die
Artist: Steve Combs
Album: Jaw