Exquisite Content Ratings


January 13th, 2019

1 min 39 secs

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About this Episode

Hey, friends. Me again, your humble producer, just popping in with a little note about our rating system. Since every episode has a different cast, the tone and content can vary quite a bit, so we’re going to put a rating right at the top of the show notes for each one. We’ll also include some brief details about why an episode is rated the way it is so you can quickly figure out if something is or isn’t your jam.

Each rating is essentially a D&D alignment. The Lawful-chaotic axis describes the playstyle—how, mmm, rude of off-color the cast can get. A chaotic game has lots of spicy language and bawdy humor throughout. A Lawful game steers clear of all that stuff, and a neutral game will have just a bit sprinkled around here and there.

Instead of good and evil, though, we’re going to use Bright and Grim to describe a story’s actual content. A bright game may feature combat and the traditional level of fantasy violence you might expect from a D&D game, but it’s going to steer clear of intense or graphic violence and disturbing imagery. A neutral game may contain isolated incidences of those things, and a Grim is likely to feature them heavily as part of its tone and theming.

You can expect a Lawful Bright game to be family friendly, a Chaotic Bright game to be lighthearted but potty-mouthed, a Lawful Grim game to be dark and intense, and a Chaotic Grim game to be pretty much anything goes.

And again, each episode will have a brief explanation of its rating if you want a more specific indicator of what to expect, and we’ll have all this written out at exquisitelich.com. We’ll also be tagging every episode on the website with its rating for easy searching.

I think that’s everything I meant to say, so I’m just gonna let you get back to the show. Enjoy!