Welcome to The Exquisite Lich


January 10th, 2019

45 secs

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About this Episode

Hey, friends! Welcome to The Exquisite Lich, an actual play Dungeons & Dragons anthology podcast where players and DMs from across the community come together to tell short stories in a setting that we’re building as we go! I’m gonna keep this announcement quick so you can get on to the good bits:

Given the complexities of scheduling and producing these stories, we’ve opted to release them as full-length specials more or less as soon as they’re done, rather than try to break them up into weekly bite-sized pieces. They should be popping up in your feed about once a month or so for the time being, with the goal of moving on to a more regular schedule once we’ve worked out the kinks. You can follow us at exquisitelich on twitter for the latest news, or just stay tuned here for any big announcements.

Now let’s get on to the show.